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Make Believers International Testimonies

"Jory and the Rolf family have touched hundreds of lives in their minstry.
They live their faith. In a short time, I came to realize everything they
do is Christ-centered.

The Branson Community have long known they live in a Christian culture. Because of Jory's leadership, our culture is no longer verbal, but written.

We have broad buy in. We can now preserve and enhance the
Christian culture we hold dear."

Jack Herschend, Co-Founder, Herschend Family Entertainment, Branson, MO

“A refreshing quest for excellence for Christ!” ~ Homeschool Leader, NJ

"During my years as the Creative Arts Consultant for LifeWay Christian Resources, I had the privilege of working with Jory and Tess Rolf, AIM, and Make Believers. They have always presented the gospel with the most sincere hearts, the highest level of professionalism, and with great energy and imagination! As the Rolf Family has grown and added each delightful child into their Make Believers Family, their ministry has blossomed with a heart for family, home, and country. They are able to entertain young children, seniors, and everyone in between. At my son's country wedding celebration, they tailored the program to marriage and family... using bluegrass and gospel. I unreservedly recommend the Make Believers Family."
~ Christy Marsh Haines
, former Creative Arts Consultant-LifeWay Christian Resources

“Develops leaders who are able to handle the Word of God on a daily basis.”
~ Pastor, Germany

“There is a focus on servanthood - which is rare among this generation.”
~ Creative Ministry Leader, NJ

“Grows the family unit to enable them to be the world
changers that they should be”
~ Parent, CA

“AIM students achieve high standards and accomplish amazing goals that positively impact the lives of others”
~ Ministry Supporter, MO

“AIM and your family is the best thing that could have happened
in my daughter’s life.”
~ Father in Germany

“AIM is all about discipline and discipleship that prepares you for real life”
~ AIM Mission Trip Student

“There is a powerful respect for authority that is rare in other student groups”
~ Workshop Host, NJ

“Men are taught to be gentlemen and women taught to be ladies”
~ Homeschool Family, CA

“A ministry that raises a standard for Christ without apology”
~ Homeschool Mother, MO

“AIM is a ministry for Christians who value a conservative approach to scriptural interpretation while offering intense ministry opportunities for youth and young adults.” ~ Team Leader, PA

“Challenges young and old to not settle for mediocrity, but to strive for all that God wants for us” ~ Team Member, KS

 “Our prayer was that the mission trip with AIM would change our daughter’s life.  What I DIDN'T expect was that upon her return it would change ALL of our lives!!!  The atmosphere in our entire home has changed as a result of all of her younger siblings (and her parents) seeing this wonderful transformation God has made in her life as she came home "dying to self"!!!  Because of her daily dying, it has challenged me as a mom of 8 (who HAS to die to self every day around here) to die to myself with a CHEERFUL HEART instead of just "because I have to."
~ Mission Trip Student Mother, VA

“Raising up the next generation of Christian leaders and lay people.”
~ Ministry Leader, PA

“As a parent, it is awesome how AIM comes alongside of us and supports the values we have, instead of competing with us for our children's attention”
~ Team Parent, CA

“Personal discipleship is partnered with public presentation of the Gospel. Many ministries are good at one of these but not always both” ~ Workshop Leader, NY

“There is a lot of power in the family ministry” ~ Team Family, CA

 “Jory carries a burden for our city.  He is a leader that is spirit-led and a teacher with the heart of a servant.

Jory is focused on preserving the core values of our community and committed to passing them on to the next generation. 

If you, your family, organization or community desire a preferred future, Jory can help you identify and preserve the core values that define your ideal culture.”

~ John Baltes, Director, Care For Kids, Silver Dollar City Foundation, Branson, MO


"LYI is a great ministry that teaches important life lessons that are necessary for everyday life, whether you are three or eighty-three you need these values."
~ Maria Sue Zobel, homeschooled


"I enjoyed learning more about our Lord and how we can help more people through our lives.  Thank you all again."
~ Taylor Van Gilder – Hollister High School

Make Believers International | PO Box 7070 | Branson, MO 65615 | 417.598.1314